ecord online

update and view company records
anytime, anywhere


Why ecord?


Your Company has many legal obligations to keep Company Registers and records. Click here to see provisions of Companies Act 2006.

ecord provides an easy way of allowing you to comply with these obligations. If legal requirements change, ecord will keep you up-to-date.


Your ecord is regularly backed-up. You cannot lose your ecord or accidentally destroy it.

Should you ever need a paper copy, just print out your ecord entries.


Paper management and storage is a headache. Paper is untidy and occupies valuable space.

Each ecord provides you with the capacity to keep Company Registers and up to 200 documents, of up to 5mb each, electronically.

Contact us, if you need a larger storage capacity for an ecord.


ecord is available to view and use anywhere, any time, on the internet.

There are different levels of secure access. So, Company Members can be permitted to view their Company's ecord, whenever they wish. Directors can be permitted to view the ecord in greater depth. Professional advisors and Banks can be provided with appropriate password access to Company information.

ecord avoids the need to carry around a bag full of documents. ecord can be completed on the move.


ecord enables Company records to be presented accurately, efficiently and transparently.

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