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How ecord works

Register an ecordonline account by providing a few basic contact details and a password. We will verify your email address with you. You will then be able to accept invitations from others to view ecords and accept transfers of ecords. You will also be able to -

Open an ecord for each of your Companies.

There is no upper or lower limit on the number of ecords which you can open through your ecordonline account.

Each time you open an ecord, you will be asked to pay the first Annual Subscription Fee for that ecord.

The Annual subscription fee for each ecord is £39 plus VAT. There are no additional charges.

Complete your ecord, recording entries in the Company Registers and uploading any Minutes, Accounts, Banking and Loan Documents which you want to keep on your ecord. Upload a logo, if you wish.

ecord will help you.

email the Directors and Members to give them access to the ecord.
Anyone can easily be given access to the ecord as long as they have registered an ecordonline account.

Update when required.

ecords can easily be transferred between ecordonline subscribers.

Look online whenever you want, for clear, accurate information about any company with which you are involved.

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