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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the ecordonline website.

Your privacy is important to us.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, use and disclose your personal information when you visit our website and subscribe to an ecordonline account and use an ecord. For simplicity, our Cookie Policy and our Security Policy are set out separately but the Cookie Policy and the Security Policy form part of our Privacy Policy. So, any reference to our Privacy Policy incorporates reference to the Cookie Policy and the Security Policy, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Definitions of words and phrases given in the Terms of Business also apply to this Privacy Policy except that for purposes of the Privacy Policy "you" will (where the context requires or permits) also include an ecordonline subscriber.

If you subscribe to an ecord for your Company or open an ecordonline membership account, this Privacy Policy will apply. If, for whatever reason, you disagree with any part of this Privacy Policy (including the Cookie Policy and the Security Policy), please do not use the ecordonline website or subscribe to an ecord.

From time to time we may alter this Privacy Policy (including the Cookie Policy and the Security Policy). Whenever an alteration is made, the effective date of the alteration will be stated at the end of the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy and the Security Policy. It is your responsibility to check which version of this the Privacy (and Cookie) and Security Policy applies at any time.

This Privacy Policy explains -


We have two guiding principles -

We have designed the ecordonline Website and your ecord with the objective of providing you with a secure electronic database in which to enter, process, store and share and from which to download information of, about and relating to the Company. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the data in your ecord is entered, processed, stored, viewed and/or downloaded only by persons authorised by you.


We collect personal information about you in various ways.

Information which you provide to us

When you open an ecordonline subscription, you will provide us with -

Essential Information

Profile Information

You will also provide certain personal information to us, if you contact us by e-mail, fax, telephone or post.

Information uploaded to an ecord

Personal information may also be uploaded by you to an ecord.

Information which we collect automatically

We will collect certain information about you automatically as a result of you or your invitee logging onto the ecordonline Website and/or your use of your ecord -

Information which we collect from other sources

We may receive information about you, express or implied, through our payment intermediary.


Personal information uploaded to an ecord is not used by us. In addition, we will not seek access to such information except as required by the Law of any relevant jurisdiction.

We use the information which we collect about you and your invitees for the following purposes -

Personal information will also be used for the following purposes -


We will not share your personal information with anyone except -


The ecordonline website (including each ecord account) uses cookies and similar technology. Information about our use of cookies and other technology is set out in a separate Cookie Policy. As already stated, the Cookie Policy forms part of this Privacy Policy.

Control of Personal Information

Personal information supplied to open an ecordonline subscription may be controlled in the following ways -

on the My Account - screen of an ecordonline membership account the ecordonline subscriber may change their Membership Password and Bank Account details and terminate the ecordonline membership subscription.

Personal information uploaded to an ecord may be may be controlled in the following ways -

it may be amended through the normal operation of the ecord;

on the Admin - Assign Access - Change Administrator - screen of an ecord, the Administrator of the ecord can be changed;

on the Admin - Close ecord - screen of an ecord, the ecord can be closed.

When you close an ecord, we may continue to hold the information in that ecord for a period after termination. However, we will not be under any obligation to hold all or any such information for any period after the ecord is closed and you will not be entitled to access any such information which we may continue to hold after the ecord is closed.

International Data Transfers

ecord Limited is based in Europe. Your personal information is collected, stored and used in accordance with European Laws.

ecord - Privacy Policy- issue PP2015/1 effective from 1st January 2015

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